Yvonne Green

Yvonne Green

Yvonne Green was born in London in 1957. Her poems have been published in many magazines and journals and on BBC Radio 4’s 'The Food Programme'.

She was poet in residence to JWA Women’s Refuge, to Norwood Ravenswood and at Spiro’s Ark.

Her first collection, Boukhara, was a winner in the Poetry Business Competition; and her forthcoming collection, After Semyon Izrailevich Lipkin: 1911—2003, was named PBS Translation Choice for Winter 2011. She is currently poet in residence to The Global Foundation for the Elimination of Domestic Violence.




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Yvonne Green reads her poem 'The Farhud' 



Winner of the 2007/08 International Book & Pamphlet Competition


'These enthralling and lovely poems begin with rich recollections of another country (“so we ate so we loved”), but darken into the shock of domestic violence. This collection is absolutely straightforward to read, but quite unforgettable.’ - Alison Brackenbury


‘Yvonne Green takes us into the unfamiliar world of Boukhara and Judeo Tajik culture with complete assurance. For all the lucidity of her poetry, her work has an unusual density. This is a fine new voice, which deserves to be widely heard.’ - Elaine Feinstein


'There is a homeliness and accuracy of observation and diction in her work which reveal religious and social dignity.' - Sebastian Barker


'I like the way good food and diction go together so clearly. Geographically [these poems] excel, and in so many other directions too. The poems are different to what one normally gets in English, the issues far bigger, as in "Dhimmi Under Sharia Law" (A Lawyer's Poem) and in many others that one may benefit from. Such excellent poems show how different customs can nevertheless blend, especially in, "We Speak English Now." I also very much like, "That I May Know You:" "Let me visit your house/and eat something/of what is on your table/hear you and know/some of your language."' - Alan Sillitoe


‘Yvonne Green’s poems are strange, evoking unfamiliar worlds and seeing them with their own kind of language. She effaces there merely subjective self and her poems get into their subjects. What matters is the voices out there, and she hears them. There is so much world, so many stories, included here. It is wonderful to encounter this vivid annex to experience and understanding.’ - Michael Schmidt


'These poems are full of life ... courageous and fascinating.' - Todd Swift


'Yvonne Green says in her introduction she hopes other poets will make translations: we know translation offers so many possibilities. She spent six years on the Lipkin and there is a lot to be thankful for and enjoy in her versions.' - Liz Cashdan, Poetry Review (on After Semyon Izrailevich Lipkin)


'Green writes in a clear, plain style that presents complicated ideas without the highfalutin weight of their own intrinsic difficulties, but also without simplifying them. These poems are like knots that look easy to unravel – until you try.' - Angelina D'Roza, Sabotage Reviews (on Honoured and Boukhara)


'Here is Green’s conversational style, a kind of folded-arms vernacular yet with every word earning its keep. This collection is not an easy ride but could not be more timely.' - Rosie Johnston, London Grip 


  Translated by Sergei Makarov and Yvonne Green


They sealed us in 'til May that year,
Spring failed twice and used a detour
to get to us the third time. 

The moon rose slowly,
shivered in the grey nights,
Taurus and Gemini flickered like beads of mercury. 

The days were thick with mist,
like the blurred eyes of rabid dogs. 

Three times the rivers hid under the ice,
the moon in darkness.

(from After Semyon Izrailevich Lipkin)



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The Assay

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