Stephen Knight

Stephen Knight

Stephen Knight received an Eric Gregory Award in 1987 and won the National Poetry Competition in 1992. He won the 2003 TLS/ Blackwells Poetry Competition for The Long Way Home.

His pamphlet The Sandfields Baudelaire was a winner in the 1995 Book & Pamphlet Competition.


Ow footbawlTeem wares blackenwhite:
a angz a reds, a looks kuntrite
fuhlOozin, Homer N’weigh,
buhstill aisle go unwatchum-play
in Winter wenner Windsor blowin
9gaylz offaSee unthrowin
rubbish rowndee airmTee stanz,
blowin ice throo my airmTee ands.

John Toshak wozzer-marrNidjer-wenn
a roe-zupp 2 Division won.
Enner sighed wasFuller codjers
attee-endov Ayr Koreas;
e boreTum fuhPeenutz neigh played
foruh season. Nunnervumstaid,
uh-gnat wozzer long thymer go.
Now we backin Division Phaw!

Prap zitzer clymitt aura food
innease parts duzzEwe so muchgood
eye-dun-owe, buttie oldest laydee
inner British Aisles livzbuymee,
inner Gnome. Givorrtayker year
ov breethin Saul tea Swornzee Heir
sheezer nundruden-nighn, unTV
filmzer birthdaze rare gullully.

Sheezlimp, tie-udd, uvairj Tubble:
ur riser bearLeigh vizzible
re-seedin inner-red: ur skinz
udared, crakt Riverbared nuthinz
swammerbuv fraJis: wenner voyss
leex throo gapZinnerShrungkunFayce
she sairz sodAwl turinEmber
(lyke pose cards senTin Dissember,

nuthin air Butter Sea nurry).
Air vreethin z’owld innis cuntree – 
gray ills, gray trees Anna poe-stuh
s’been stuckon Neath stayshun frair-vuh:
iss flew-rare-stunt unrareLidjuss
wither quaresChunn inbiggLairtuzz,
annis quaresChunn tare-riff-eyes me.
‘Where will YOU spend Eternity?

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