That so-easy thing
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That so-easy thing

32pp  |  978-1-906613-72-3

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That so-easy thing was a winner in the 2011 Book & Pamphlet Competition, chosen by Carol Ann Duffy.

These poems have a real originality both in form and content — from sestina to surrealism, villanelle to vignette — and are erudite, well-travelled, witty and sexy.' — Carol Ann Duffy

'In Rosie Shepperd’s That So-Easy Thing, one of the winners in the Poetry Business Competition, life is like a dream of flying – it is only when you think about it that it becomes impossible. In these poems, the mind fortunately, is always on other things: “With just my own dumb self / for company, the pages are white / and I am cold”. But these breathless, busy dispatches are held together by a sharp wit and firm structural control. The poignant repetitions of an aging parent are safe inside a villanelle, while the repeated line endings of a sestina suggest the unhurried reassurances of a doctor comforting the soon to be bereaved. The mind may wander, but the poet’s eye remains steady.' — The TLS

'The surface textures of Rosie Shepperd's poems are so engaging, with their wit, their sensual appetite, the fluid shifts of the voice, that you could almost overlook their most distinctive quality: a steady lithe intelligence, alert to the slightest nuances, like a fish in a fast-flowing stream.'  — Philip Gross

'Rosie Shepperd's poems unfold with the logic of a well-planned journey to an unmapped land. We take in all the sights, the sounds, the scents — the local dishes — and experience, as things play out, the twin pleasures of inevitability and surprise that are the hallmark of superb poetry — and significant travels. We read these poems to notice things we haven't seen before, and recognise what we didn't know we know.'  — Liane Strauss

'These poems are vibrant, full of flourishes and fluid movement [...] Her work is always restlessly flowing into the next line, the next stanza, the next image or idea. The shape generally reflects an excitement in rhythm or pace which is quite rare in poetry, an energy lifting work off the page.' — Antiphon

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