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Largo was a winner in the 2010 Book & Pamphlet Competition, and shortlisted for the Michael Marks Award.

'A remarkable, technically sophisticated blend of parody and elegy, personally felt poems interwoven with popular culture, party politics and history both natural and unnatural. Mischievous and moving.' — Simon Armitage

'Very knowing... concerned with the social, political and footballing life of the North, a fine broth of lowbrow and highbrow people, names and enthusiasms.' — Peter Porter, Poetry Review

'Class also stalks the pages of Paul Bentley’s Largo, which treats the 1984 miners’ strike through
metaphors drawn from natural history and medieval warfare: drug-takers replace rabbit poachers in
the woods and a cricket screen becomes a kind of siege engine in a pitched battle between strikers
and police. But this Arthur will never return: the fight has been too savage and cynical for that.
Bentley takes as an epigraph – visit “the innermost earth” to find “the hidden stone” is an acrostic, in
Latin original for “vitriol”.'
— The TLS


'It's an intriguing mix of materials which embraces both a form of realism and a sort of 'super-realism' which creates an effective discourse of mayhem and confusion, Kes meets surrealism perhaps, and I mean that as a compliment. It's both gritty but upbeat and assertive, full of life and the 'smells and sounds' of a particular time and place, heightened by the form and juxtaposition of the materials.' Stride Magazine



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