A Cézanne Haibun
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A Cézanne Haibun

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A Cézanne Haibun


Combining memoir, anecdote, travel journal, prose poem, diary and essay Maitreyabandhu’s A Cézanne Haibun records a month spent alone in the Sierra Aitana mountains.

‘Haibun’ – a term first coined by the Japanese poet Matsuo Bashō in a letter to a disciple in 1690 – alternates prose with haiku or haiku-like poems.

These are unforgettable meditations on the life and work of the post-impressionist painter Paul Cézanne (1839 – 1906).




Maitreyabandhu’s work beautifully, and seriously, contains the possibilities of what other traditions might call insight.Fiona Sampson, Poetry Review


… a rich, melancholy modesty. – Sean O’Brien, The Guardian


In this profound meditation, Maitreyabandhu uses Basho's poem-prose structure in a Wordsworthian journal of a retreat to familiar countryside, in a series of what the poems call 'good studies / in nature's presence'. The challenge for the painter, as for the writer, is to catch the light and half-light and colour of reality, and to represent, as Cézanne  does incomparably, the complicated depth of nature that underlies its surfaces. The same apparently disordered intricacy informs the love within our personal encounters; art is the attempt both to express them and to resolve them.  – Bernard O’Donoghue

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