The Collected 2017/18 Book & Pamphlet Competition Winners
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The Collected 2017/18 Book & Pamphlet Competition Winners

by Rebecca Cullen; Ann Gray; Christopher North; Madeleine Wurzburger

Price: £20

This book is for pre-order only. Publication date 2018-09-01.

The Winners of the 2017/18 Book & Pamphlet Competition


Order all four pamphlets together for £20 (free P&P)

£5 per pamphlet (pre-order)
£6 per pamphlet after 1st September


Majid Sits in a Tree and Sings

by Rebecca Cullen (1st Sep 18 | 978-1-912196-11-1)


This is a pamphlet of poems which shine and crackle with their own dark electricity. Finely wrought, precise and wide ranging in their themes, they carry a pleasing shiver of wildness in their hearts. – Liz Berry


I Wish I Had More Mothers

by Ann Gray (1st Sep 18 | 978-1-912196-12-8)


We both loved this moving, tender collection of poems which explores what it means to have and to lose a mother. The poems in this pamphlet are lyrical, carefully crafted with a lightness of touch and, so importantly, "unafraid to be kind". At once a joyful and aching read. – Liz Berry


The Topiary of Passchendeael

by Christopher North (1st Sep 18 | 978-1-912196-13-5)


A large and various cast of strange, sad, joyous, repellent and poignant characters. A sort of travelogue or bestiary. I liked its oddity, gusto – and unemphatic pathos. – David Constantine


Sleeve Catching Fire at Dawn

by Madeleine Wurzburger (1st Sep 18 | 978-1-912196-14-2)


An extraordinarily precise and effective deployment of sometimes quite arcane knowledge. There’s the shock of originality, followed by the more important realisation that things that matter are being said. – David Constantine

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