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by Ralf Andtbacka; Marko Hautala; Carita Nyström

36pp  |  978-1-912196-06-7

Price: £6

This book is for pre-order only. Publication date 2018-04-01.


Ralf Andtbacka; Marko Hautala; Carita Nyström

Imagine north, then a further north, the fragmentation of lakes and archipelagos between memory and mythology, old Russia and new Europe, the certainty of landscape and the intricacy of machines, where light, dark and weather are the absolutes we navigate ourselves between.


Ralf is the Poet in Chief for the Cabinet of Curiosities: he takes objects apart and puts them back together again in a way that makes intricate truths human, and the simple things part of a wonderful machine – Steve Dearden


Marko takes us from the madness of the endless Finnish roads to the sharp ridiculousness of a family funeral, stopping off at frost and stars – Adam Strickson


Carita writes “as if intoxicated by life”. Her poetry, rooted in Ostrobothnia, with its “new land rising” evokes, through its cadence, the sea’s incantatory flow – Kath McKay

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