On Poetry
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On Poetry

100  |  978-1-910367-93-3

Price: £9.95

Jonathan Davidson is fascinated by how poetry is found and how it is heard. In On Poetry, he traces his own development as a listener and reader of poetry through a period of over fifty years.


From attentive close readings to thoughts of how poems might best be shared, his belief in poetry and its ability to touch and transform us shines throughout. This small book is a gem and any reader interested in poetry and how it can enrich our lives will find Davidson a fine companion - Liz Berry



"Reading On Poetry is rather like being guided through a seductively dense forest by a gregarious and wise orienteer [...]. On Poetry is a departure from the critical norm, and a pleasure to devour. As studiedly simple, and as mercifully free of postmodern obfuscation as Peter Sansom's seminal Writing Poems, Davidson's sage words lead the reader towards an understanding of the ways in which poetry may speak to us all." – Steve Whitaker, Literary Correspondent, The Yorkshire Times

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