Introduction X: The Poetry Business Book of New Poets
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Introduction X: The Poetry Business Book of New Poets

by Suzannah Evans and Peter Sansom (eds)

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Introduction X is a gathering of outstanding poets at an early stage in their writing careers. Apart from this ‘newness’, and talent, and what W S Graham would call ‘the rarer gift of application’, what these writers happen to have in common is that at some point The Poetry Business has been fortunate enough to encounter them - either through residential courses, The New Poets Prize, or workshops and mentoring schemes, such as The Writing Squad.  

Working with young writers always inspires and humbles me. The work in this anthology shows why. These are poems of urgency, wit and depth, from the surreal, haunting lyricism of Ian Burnette to the arch, precise observations of Sarah Fletcher. – Helen Mort


I wanted Boyfriends who were good at Science.
In Physics I drew love hearts, or bent and unbent
paper clips into the shape of love hearts. Whoever
doesn’t know what love is hasn’t been to a Physics
lesson and dragged a toy car across a desk to test
the forces on us. I tilted my hips and said “Gravity
is the best man, Girls, he never leaves”, and rolled
myself across the carpet. First Kiss was a boy who failed
his Science GCSE and it was like being dropped into
a conical flask. Outside, life went on. Inside, I started
to believe in particles for the first time, crawled my way
back into the library, under a duvet. Physics Boy said:
“if you split an atom you find the world trembling”.

- Jasmine Simms (Featured in Introduction X)

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