The Infinite Knot
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The Infinite Knot

32  |  9781910367810

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Josephine Abbott was a winner of The Poetry Business International Book and Pamphlet Competition 2016/17, judged by Ian Duhig and Mimi Khalvati


The Infinite (or Endless) Knot represents the unity and circularity of things: the way past experiences weave through our present and our future; the interconnections of love and relationships; how everything in the world is in some way relevant to our understanding of it.


Josephine Abbott’s The Infinite Knot – which doubles back on itself like a kind of knot – has radiance spilling all over it. With an ear finely tuned to cadence and syntax, Josephine listens ‘below the threshold of hearing’, reaching out for a deeper understanding of the world she lives in, a world she celebrates lyrically ad forensically. – Mimi Khalvati


Josephine Abbott was born and grew up in Manchester, went to Sheffield University and now lives in Derbyshire. Her poems have appeared in Acumen, Agenda, Stand, Staple and other magazines. She has led poetry workshops and worked with a range of community groups. Competition successes include placings in the Mslexia (2011) and the Bridport (2009) and third prize in the National Poetry Competition (2013). Her first collection was Trying not To Levitate (Blinking Eye, 2006).

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