Much Possessed
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Much Possessed

85pp  |  9781910367636

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Chosen by Billy Collins as a winner in the International Book & Pamphlet Competition

Much Possessed is informed by the truths and illusions of story, by the fictions of history and by the purposes of true naming. From the Fall of Man to the fall of a boy, these poems concern themselves with vulnerabilities and resilience – of the natural world, its creatures and its people – and the need for a kind of faith in the face of their fragility. 


‘....these vivid, crafted, and humane poems are wise and witty, grounded in compassion’

– Steve Ely, on ‘Outlaws and fallen angels’


'This poet knows how to guide the reader through a poem by using clear diction and transparent rhetorical

design; yet the poems often touch on the mysterious. A sensitivity to natural life results in the ego

becoming secondary to the wondrous details of the experiential world.'

–Billy Collins 


 'Tumbling sentences, finely-drawn observations of landscape, people and animals and tender elegies - all written with a generosity and confidence that ensure these poems sing in your mind long after you finish reading them' 

– Kim Moore



John Foggin has been a teacher, lecturer and LEA English/Drama Adviser. He lives in West Yorkshire where he jointly organises Puzzle Poets Live in Calderdale, and writes a weekly poetry blog, the great fogginzo’s cobweb. His work has appeared in The North, The New Writer, Prole, and The interpreters house, among others.

His poems have won first prizes in competitions including The Plough [2013,2014], and The Mclellan [2015] He has authored four pamphlets :Running out of space , Backtracks, Larach[Ward Wood Publishing 2014], and his latest is Outlaws and fallen Angels [Calder valley Poetry 2016]

John was one of the winners of the 2015 /16 Poetry Business Book and Pamphlet Competition with his pamphlet 'Much Possessed'. 


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