Swimming with Jellyfish
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Swimming with Jellyfish

79 pp  |  978-1-910367-59-9

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Swimming with Jellyfish charts the manoeuvrings, struggles and joys of the complex roles we find ourselves in. The poems capture shared moments, even though our lives are constantly moving on. Memories include playing football on a windy Sunday morning,throwing a frisbee in the park and swimming with jellyfish and others. Although we sometimes encounter public figures such as Mick McManus, Ratko Mladić and Michael Collins, family is often at the centre of this assured, ambitious and always entertaining new collection. The sequence ‘Storywaters’ explores the experiences of both parents leading up to the birth
of their child. Swimming with Jellyfish concludes with a glimpse of the difficult waters ahead.


‘What comes through immediately and vividly is the anguish of loss, the strength of love, and that the poem is a repository for survival through its function as memory. I enjoyed the simple language which somehow dramatizes emotional complexity in many of these exciting poems.’

- Daljit Nagra


‘Stuart Pickford’s beautiful and moving poems do justice to the human condition [and] move with technical adroitness, pathos and hilarity, wry ironies, finely-observed and restrained lyricism through the life cycles of a family, starting with his own childhood and relationship with his parents, including the indignities of old age and experience of bereavement’. 

–Peter Carpenter, Under the Radar Magazine 


'This is a poetry of family, memory and relationships: narrative poems delivered with warmth and style. Scenes between fathers and sons, mothers and sons rich with insight and free from sentimentality are portrayed here. Pickford addresses birth, life and death with unshirking physicality, turning a candid eye on the vulnerability of the human body male and female.'

– Wendy Klein London Grip


Understated and underrated, Stuart Pickford’s poetry deserves a wide readership. Here’s hoping this collection becomes a slow-burning success.

– Matthew Stewart, Rogue Strands


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