The Singing and Dancing (Hardback)
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The Singing and Dancing (Hardback)

Price: £14.95

Surprisingly, though writing poems of great humanity, fluency and elegance, Ann Atkinson never tried to publish a full collection. Many poets who knew her felt she should, but Ann was always too busy, too giving, too modest, perhaps even fearful of committing to the value of her own work. At last, this book remedies that. Ann died in 2012, but in these pages we breathe again her lightness and grace, her musicality, the way her dancing line – like that of the fisherman’s on the Derwent, the tightrope walker’s wire, her chalkings in the childhood yard – involves a sense of seemingly effortless balance and harmony.

Ann Atkinson’s lively, readable poems explore with tender attention a world we can feel and taste and touch. The intricate machinery of nature and the details of human lives absorbed her equally; she wrote with fascination about whatever came within her generous range, and this delight illuminates her work.
– Fleur Adcock

Ann Atkinson writes wonderfully precise, clear-eyed poems that focus on love and nature, home and world, with equal empathy, skill and insight. Her technique is unshowy but sophisticated, and while she is often witty, she is always warm. The craft, art, and humanity of her work make it a delight to read, and a pleasure I urge you to share with me.
– Ian Duhig

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