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Two Stones One Bird

by Owen Davis & Paul Matthews

Price: £2.95

City Limits remarked of Owen Davis that he has 'that rare talent: you feel better for having read him. He has an almost effortless ability to combine the colloquial with the visionary.' In Paul Matthews, Owen has found the perfect compliment to his extraordinary talent.

Owen Davis was born in Kuala Lumpur in 1939, and now lives in the Isle of Purbeck on the Dorset coast. He has travelled extensively in Greece (where he taught English in Athens) and in Morocco, studying Sufism in Meknes. Owen edited South West Review from 1978 to 1981. He has been a librarian, social worker, van driver, and now drives a taxi part-time.

Paul Matthews was born in 1944, and is married with two daughters. He teaches poetry and gymnastics at Emerson College in Sussex, based on the work of Rudolf Steiner. His many previous collection include The Fabulous Names Of Things, still available from Emerson College. Paul has felt a strong connection with the work of Owen Davis for many years.


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