Allison McVety: Selected Poems
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Allison McVety: Selected Poems

Pages: 74pp

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The Selected Poem ebooks are a new 'digital-only' series drawn from the works of smith|doorstop poets published during the last 26 years.

This e-book Selected contains poems from Allison McVety’s three collections: The Night Trotsky Came to Stay (2007), Miming Happiness (2010) and Lighthouses (2014) and bears witness to twentieth century history, with its wars and unsettling peace. Sibelius, Virginia Woolf and William Scott all put in appearances as do industry and exploration with brickworks, cooling towers, terraces, and mills, with telescopes and lighthouses. But most of all these poems, set against dangerous tides and river currents, are filled with love and loss, the pulse and absence of light.

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