The House
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The House

130pp  |  978-1-910367-10-0

Price: £9.95

Kathleen Lightfoot was born in Lancashire more years ago than she cares to remember. She trained as a nurse in Liverpool. Married with three children she finally arrived in Yorkshire in the late sixties. From hospital she moved into education, teaching Health Studies in Further Education and then in a large Comprehensive school. She is a happy member of The Doncaster Women’s Writing Group.

The House is a compelling and varied collection of short stories. All create worlds which are vividly real and all of them, though historical, have relevance to today.
In a series of six extended narratives, one house is shown with its different occupants and circumstances, ranging from the First World War to just after the Second.
Engagingly written, insightful and warm, these stories return again and again, sometimes with longing, to the importance of home.

'I loved this book. Kathleen Lightfoot's beautifully written stories do justice to the difficult histories of working people's lives. The evocative details of everyday life are here, but so are the thinkers and the dreamers. She shows us poverty and powerlessness - especially in the wonderful workhouse monologues - bus since these are stories populated by believable characters, we also find love, humour, community, adventure and the desire for social justice' - Nell Farrell

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