Jazz Peas
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Jazz Peas

31pp  |  978-1-910367-05-6

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Ian McMillan's many books include a verse autobiography Talking Myself Home (John Murray),The Richard Matthewman Stories (with Martyn Wiley, Pomona), and I Found This Shirt (Carcanet). Ian's children's poems are collected in The Very Best of Ian McMillan (Macmillan). His other pamphlets, This Lake Used to be Frozen: Lamps and Ah've Soiled Ma Breeks! are also available from smith|doorstop.

Ian is Barnsley FC's writer-in-residence and presents The Verb on Radio 3.


Jazz Peas carries on Ian McMillan's examination of what it's like to be a middle-aged grey-haired grandad in the former South Yorkshire coalfield in the grip of an uncaring government. It could almost be the 1980's except for the grey hair. As Ian says 'words are the only weapons I've got. And The only protection against the cold. And the only torches to shine in the darkness'. Not that it's all darkness, of course.


A force of nature - The Guardian


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