The Isle of Lewis Chessman
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The Isle of Lewis Chessman

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Simon Currie was born in Leeds in 1938 where he became a consultant neurologist. After Open University courses on literature and the Enlightenment, he gained a PhD at Sheffield Hallam University on medical interaction in colonial India and the West Indies. He is a member of the York Stanza Group, the Beehive Poets, Bradford, and of the Pennine Poets. He lives in Lower Wharfedale and has two children. His wife, who died in 2009, was the paediatrician Jane Wynne. 


'A terrific ear' – Mark Doty

'Clarity, humanity and economy, among many other virtues' – Dennis O’Driscoll

'Formally adroit and movingly lyrical'  – Anna Crowe

'Mordant, stoical, unflinching' – Peter Gardiner

'A knife-edge between humour and tartness' – Jean Atkin 

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