The Sheffield Anthology
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The Sheffield Anthology

241pp  |  978-1-906613-61-7

Price: £10

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Gathering a city of poets and describing the city in verse.

'... now like the rusty industrial past,
Now like the blue of your future, infinite, clear'

— Carol Ann Duffy

'Sheffield twinned with Mars'
— Roger McGough


Poets in this anthology:

Anthony Adler, David Annwn, Charlotte Ansell, Simon Armitage, Ann Atkinson, Angelina Ayers, Elizabeth Barrett, Paul Bentley, John Birtwhistle, Matt Black, Joe Caldwell, Claire-Jane Carter, James Caruth, Liz Cashdan, Debjani Chatterjee, Matt Clegg, Jarvis Cocker, Martin Collins, Stanley Cook, Sarah Crewe, Amanda Dalton, Beth Davyson, Russell Dobson, Berlie Doherty, Jenny Donnison, Mark Doyle, Carol Ann Duffy, William Empson, Suzannah Evans, Nell Farrell, Veronica Fibisan, Roy Fisher, Leah Fleetwood, Cliff Forshaw, Andrew Forster, Michael Glover, Sally Goldsmith, Cora Greenhill, Alan Halsey, Geoff Hattersley, Jeanette Hattersley, Lewis Haubus, Ray Hearne, Rob Hindle, Jenny Hockey, Alex Houen, Gary J Hughes, Karl Hurst, Chris Jones, Donna Jones, Marla Kardel, Linda Kemp, Christine Kennedy, David Kennedy, Jenny King, Agnes Lehoczky, Margaret Lewis, Yann Lovelock, George MacBeth, Roger McGough, Ian McMIllan, Allison McVety, Jack Mann, E A Markham, Julie Mellor, Bo Meson, Geraldine Monk, David Morley, Helen Mort, Andrew Motion, Fay Musselwhite, Beverley Nadin, Daljit Nagra, Sean O'Brien, Conor O'Callaghan, Alan Payne, Lesley Perrins, Adam Piette, John Quicke, Karl Riordan, Maurice Riordan, Peter Riley, Rony Robinson, Shelley Roche-Jacques, Ann Sansom, Peter Sansom, Seni Seneviratne, Susan Shaw, Diana Syder, David Tait, Bryn James Tales, Sarah Thomasin, Katharine Towers, John Turner, Carolyn Waudby, Christine Webb, Linda Lee Welch, Ben Wilkinson, Noel Williams, Tony Williams, and River Wolton.

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