Les Murray — Selected Poems (1994)
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Les Murray — Selected Poems (1994)

Duration: 01:12:18

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Poems on this recording:

The Burning Truck
Driving Through Sawmill Towns
Evening Alone at Bunyah
An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow
The Mitchells
The Powerline Incarnation
Employment for the Castles in Abeyance
Politics and Art
Portrait of the Artist as a New World Driver
The Future
The Broad Bean Sermon
Fishermen at South Head
Quintets for Robert Morley
The Quality of Sprawl
Midsummer Ice
The Sleepout
Bat's Ultrasound
The Transposition of Clermont
The Emerald Dove
The Cows on Killing Day
Dog Fox Field
From Where We Live on Presence
Cell DNA
The Fellow Human
The Wedding at Bericho
The Rollover
It Allows a Portrait Line-Scan at Fifteen

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