Ian McMillan — Selected Poems (1991)
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Ian McMillan — Selected Poems (1991)

Duration: 01:01:36

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Poems on this recording:

Unlimited Travel
The Sea Slides Down to the Land's Edge
Barge Journey
On the Impossibility of Staying Alive
Tankersley Tunnel
Melville's Treasure Island
Life on Earth
Just the Facts, Just the
The Meaning of Life
The Tennis Ball Factory Poems
From the Section Dealing with the Loss of Grace
Isolated Row of Houses Near the Pit
Poem Badly Translated from the Language
Jesus Died from Eating Curtains
Ted Hughes is Elvis Presley
Tempest Avenue
Lillian's Poem
Death's Feet
Still Life Life
Stone, I Presume
Henry's Skeleton, George's Leg

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