This Lake Used to be Frozen: Lamps
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This Lake Used to be Frozen: Lamps

32pp  |  9781906613402

Price: £5

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This pamphlet is more than the sum of its parts. The parts are: history, memory, family, landscape, language, overheard conversations, popular songs, dreams and the grey shambling farce of growing old in the same house you’ve lived in for 25 years. Hopefully the sum will add up; hopefully to more than its parts.


'A force of nature'  — The Guardian


'Ian McMillan’s take on his surroundings in This Lake Used to be Frozen: Lamps is simultaneously comical, colloquial, and deeply imaginative – with a healthy dose of the surreal thrown in for good measure... It is these moments of delight in the ridiculously un-exalted that make this pamphlet so engaging and continuously surprising. So much so that it is a struggle to put down This Lake Used to be Frozen: Lamps, and go back to a world where ‘Ian McMillanish Things’ seem to happen far less often.— The Stand

'By contrast, the poems in another Smith/Doorstop collection, Ian McMillan’s This Lake Used To Be Frozen: Lamps, often read, even at their very most serious, like very good jokes. Gag and tragedy go hand-in-hand in “Not a Real Bear, But a Bear Nevertheless” where the backstage wisecracks of Shakespeare’s human stand-in are silenced by the bloated corpse of the real bear “floating down towards the sea. The real sea. The sea.”' — The TLS


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