Small Times in a Big Office
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Small Times in a Big Office

80pp  |  9781869961411

Price: £6.95

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No murders, no twist in the tail, just very funny. Anyone involved in the monotony of office life will recognise Peter Laneís surreal portrait, where reason and purpose are lost in concern for the state of the tea machine and the bossís hairstyle. Actionless drama, starring Pam the Typist, the Nam Trang Company (Singapore) and the Good Pickets, in full monochrome.



From Small Times in a Big Office:



Perhaps the time doesn't matter. But, somewhere, Tom Jones is sweating. A stamp is changing hands for £10,000. A golfer is choosing a top: red or yellow? A store detective is pouncing. A wife is saying: "I'm not having this." A DJ is preening. Prostitutes and cops are patrolling. A bishop is saying: "Where's my tea?" Kylie Minogue is eating a carrott. An eye-witness is backtracking. A man is swinging a baseball bat at a bookie. A record shop boss is collapsing in his stockroom. An elephant is being shot by a man who loves children. An MP is lying. A novelist is writing a fat man into his story. A dog is walking past a ringing phone box. A Turkish woman is lost. A preacher is fornicating. An athlete is cheating for the first time. A fez is falling from a shelf. Ringo Starr is Ringo Starr.






We all know that Tom's wife has left him. The details are not our affair. I suggest we all concentrate on our duties. It's worth remembering that Baxter clinched the Finland deal in 1990 and was voted Best Salesman.

Think on.

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