Love's Loose Ends
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Love's Loose Ends

27pp  |  9781906613358

Price: £5

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Love's Loose Ends was a winner in the 2010 Book & Pamphlet Competition.

'Careful and concise poems, like glimpsed scenes and small, intense dramas, full of knowing detail and telling lines. Tender but shrewd.' — Simon Armitage

'There’s a kind of ‘tough love’ at work in these poems – a lyrical, romantic yearning shot through with the poet’s clear eye and wry humour. I think of them as tiny, poised narratives of lost words, remembered places and the unravelling of love. This is a memorable, assured collection – I’m certain David Tait is one to watch.' — Amanda Dalton


'Although these are all love poems, Tait avoids cliché and often coins bright phrases like: “icy stars chirped through the cold –” (‘The Peacock in their Shed’), “the air ratcheted with pheasants” (‘North York Moor’), “a testament of love to rust in the rain” (‘Luzhkov Bridge’), “the sliding belt of train” (‘Cory and the Summer’). The title ‘Self-Portrait with Headtorch’ epitomises his talent for spotting bright details against dark backgrounds.' — Andrew Sclater, Magma


When I fell in love with you
I never knew our dance
would be this conga,
these swaying hips of Pendolino.
Nor could I guess our view
would be wet green fields
cows on their bellies –
the cold red bricks of Coventry.
But I’ll take it, I’ll sip this cappuccino –
its hint of winter warm on my cheek.
I’ll rush through tunnels in failing light,
the clack of the track applauding you.



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