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by Nick On

Price: £6

This book is for pre-order only. Publication date 2020-02-01.

Winner of the 2018/19 International Book & Pamphlet Competition

Judged by Neil Astley, Michael Schmidt and Amy Wack


I liked my chosen poet because he seemed able to use the short line as a line with real skill. The fact that the subject-matter was engaging and that there was humour in the atmosphere his poems breathed was also heartening. But mainly it was his sense of the line and the forms he coaxed out of his material with it that attracted me. - Michael Schmidt


Weaving together allusions and illusions, Zhou is an imaginative recovery of a grandfather, a dialogue between figures from China and the West, and a journey through the search for a cultural identity.  Taking Lu Xun, Ezra Pound and W S Graham as reference points and guides, these imaginatively resourceful poems mark the debut of an exciting new talent.


Nick On grew up in Gloucestershire, moved to Newcastle upon Tyne after university and ever since has lived in the North East of England.  He earns a living as a corporate lawyer, mostly in London.  He is a recent graduate of the Writing Poetry MA at Newcastle University.

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