Notes from the North
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Notes from the North

by S. K. Kim

Price: £6

This book is for pre-order only. Publication date 2020-02-01.

Winner of the 2018/19 International Book & Pamphlet Competition

Judged by Neil Astley, Michael Schmidt and Amy Wack


These poems are urgent bulletins from an emergency, they are horrific, powerful, astute, full of passion and moral authority. Although we've heard about the brutal dictatorship of North Korea before, these poems surpass journalism and bring us the voices on the brink: the survivor, the personal witness. We follow a cleaner in the Imperial Palace, forced to clean up the unspeakable debris of the dictator's pleasure-party, we are with the starving as they are compelled to endure government propaganda urging them to eat 'two meals a day' when they have been reduced to eating insects and tree-bark to stay alive. These aren't easy poems to read, yet they have the compelling urgency of a diary of contemporary tyranny and the havoc it wreaks on this particular family. This is a scorched family album, rescued from the ruins. - Amy Wack


S. K. Kim is author of Notes from the Divided Country, which won the Addison Metcalf Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the Walt Whitman Award from the Academy of American Poets, the Whiting Writers' Award, the Northern California Book Award, and was a finalist for the Griffin Prize. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, Poetry Review, Poetry London, The New York Times, Poetry, and The Paris Review among others. She lives in London. 

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