The 2019 Laureate's Choice Collection II
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The 2019 Laureate's Choice Collection II

by Cotterill; Clout; Gatehouse; Lawrence

Price: £20

The Laureate’s Choice is an annual pamphlet publication project from The Poetry Business working in collaboration with the Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy. This bound set contains the last four pamphlets selected by Carol Ann Duffy during her tenure as Poet Laureate.


These pamphlets are available singly for £7.50 each or as a collection, beautifully presented in a slip-case, for £20. 


The Day of the Flying Ants by Emily Cotterill

The Day of the Flying Ants is about home and leaving home. Much of this entertaining pamphlet focuses on finding, losing, and loving a sense of place. Ants fly when they’re compelled to leave home, when they’ve grown up, when there’s no place in the nest anymore. Whether in Derbyshire or Wales, these well-observed poems find their own place in an odd but familiar world.

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Aunts Come Armed with Welsh Cakes by Thirza Clout

In this moreish collection Welsh cakes come to represent secrets and things which remain unsaid in an atmosphere of dark domesticity. Nevertheless, Thirza Clout finds humour and delight in the absurdities of ‘normal life’.

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The Mechanics of Love by Victoria Gatehouse

The Mechanics of Love explores the impact of medicine on personal experiences and the human condition. As both biochemist and poet, Victoria Gatehouse is uniquely positioned to examine everything from mechanical heart valves and folklore to her experiences of an 80s childhood and being a mother with non-sentimental, scientific, yet tender scrutiny.

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Sleeping Through by Faith Lawrence

Heavenly lidos, the siren call of the Doctor Who theme tune, the tender melancholy of early motherhood – all these feature in a collection of poems which listen for connections: bringing ham sandwiches together with the idea of the afterlife, bees with improbability, and which describe different ways of falling and belonging to the earth.

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