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Ann and Peter Sansom have worked in hundreds of schools over the last 25 years, and are, according to The Poetry Trust, "incomparably experienced and inspirational tutors with a brilliant repertoire of exercises”.

These schools have ranged from affluent institutions — such as Harrogate Grammar, Tonbridge and St Andrews — to comprehensives in deprived areas such as Tower Hamlets, Moss Side and Sheffield's Parkwood. 

In 2006, Ann taught staff and students at Lambra High School, Punjab, India, as part of the Manchester Literary Festival. 

Peter and Ann tutored 'The School Train Project' in 1998, 1999 and 2001, taking classes of school children on train journeys and leading workshops along the way. They then edited the finished poems prior to their publication in a small press anthology.

Ann worked with the sculptor Victoria Brailsford during 2000-01 as part of the Year of the Artist residency with Sheffield ‘Off the Shelf’ Festival. The project involved working with school students in Glen Howe Park (a sculpture park) and writing poetry inspired by the grounds.

Peter and Ann are regular tutors for the Arvon Foundation, leading both advanced and schools' courses. 


School workshops

A Poetry Business school workshop may mean one of the tutors working with a select group of GCSE and A-level students for a morning or afternoon session. Alternatively, Ann and Peter will work with two sets of students simultaneously for half-day sessions; or each tutor will take one class for a morning session, and then switch places for the afternoon.

On other occasions, Ann and Peter have provided a series with workshops with pupils in different year groups over a period of a week, culminating in a reading by the students.


INSET & teacher training

Ann and Peter also provide INSET to advise teachers who are preparing to teach poetry in their classes.

Due to their experience in this area, they were invited to participate in The Poetry Society's poetryclass project, an 'online poetry classroom and unique inset training that provides teachers with a 'nuts and bolts' insight into how poetry works'.

You can find sample 'lessons' for teachers (of KS2 pupils) online by Ann and Peter at the poetryclass website.

Both tutors also contributed to The Poetry Trust's 'The Poetry Toolkit: Foolproof Recipes for Teaching Poetry in the Classroom'.


Discounts on Smith/Doorstop titles and The North

Educational institutions are entitled to a 40% discount on purchases of Smith/Doorstop titles and The North magazine for the school library. 

For young pupils, we have a selection of children's poetry (by writers such as Gerard Benson); KS4 and 5 students may benefit from our wide range of accessible, high quality contemporary poetry; and our textbooks would be appropriate for those studying literature at KS5 (and beyond). You can find a full list of our current stock here.


Contact us

To place an order for your school library, complete this form and we will get back to you to confirm.

If you would like to discuss terms and arrangements for a Poetry Business workshop and/or reading, email



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