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The North is essential reading if you are a lover of good poetry. Each issue includes: a lively range of international contemporary poetry by new and established writers, book reviews from mainstream publishers to smaller presses; critical articles; conversations with writers; and blind criticism.


Apart from the general excellence of the North, it’s always impressive to see how broad your church is, how impeccable you are in your taste and how fair in your judgement. Rare qualities.”
Stephen Stuart-Smith, Director, Enitharmon


The North 58

Submissions by poets under 35 were particularly solicited for The North 58 to coincide with, and supplement, the launch of The New Poets List — an imprint that has grown from our New Poets Prize for writers between the ages of 16 and 24. This issue showcases and celebrates a new generation of writers and poetry.


The North magazine’s classic look has been re-designed for The New Poets issue and features our 2015/16 New Poets Prize winners:


"By 2017 I felt that the magazine needed a more modern aspect if it wasn’t to remain in a time warp, a never-changing product of an earlier period in poetry history. I want it to look like the kind of chic, modern publication that a casual browser in a railway station WH Smiths might think looked cool enough to dip into on a journey and would help attract a younger audience (without alienating loyal older readers and the current subscription base).

I hope readers enjoy the new look and even help with the choosing of images for future covers."

Keith Lauchlan, Designer and Typesetter


Excerpt from The North 58 Editorial:


When issue one of the North was typed in 1985 into the cutting-edge technology of a word processor, almost all of the contributors were in their twenties, including the current Professor of Poetry at Oxford and the Poet Laureate. Several were students among the dreaming spires of my old alma mater, Huddersfield Polytechnic, where, on becoming a research assistant, I found I had a means of production in the form of access to the print room. Also to a silk-print room, where I ran off a hundred or so pieces of A3 to fold in half and staple by hand as the cover. It wouldn’t surprise me if copies of this first issue didn’t today fetch upwards of the original price of 90p.

For the latest issue we invited by social media submissions by poets under 35. This was to coincide with and as it were supplement the launch of The New Poets List, an imprint that has grown from our New Poets Prize, judged in its first two years, we are delighted to say, by key members of what might be termed the new generation of British poetry, Helen Mort and Andrew McMillan. The North did receive many submissions by writers under 35, and we accepted quite a few. For a moment we even considered putting them in a separate section of the magazine, but this seemed wrong, as they were chosen in just the same way as the other poems – and were simply ones we liked and wanted in the magazine.

There is much we might draw your attention to in the latest issue.  It seems most appropriate above all, though, to mention the wonderful poems which Stephen Stuart-Smith has allowed us to re-publish from 50 Years of Enitharmon. 

- Ann and Peter Sansom, editors


'Excellent' — The Guardian

'Redressing the balance of English poetry' — Poetry Review

'The North grows in authority with every issue' — Andy Croft



Poets are invited to submit up to six pages of poetry. Postal submissions only. Find the full submission guidelines here.


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