Nov 5, 2012

2002 Competition Winner: Tim Liardet

Tim Liadet was a winner in the 2002 competition with The Uses of Pepper, a sequence of poems written in response to his time teaching in a Young Offenders' Institution.

"Being one of the winners of the Book and Pamphlet Competition in 2002 gave shape and form to a project that was only just setting out. Having the stamp of David Constantine, who was the judge that year, gave me confidence in the integrity of the project and set me in the right direction." — Tim Liardet




Only the rain can cling to it, snatched away
by a rumour of air thickening then passing.
Let a hand try the same, we're told, and a trap 
of razors will spring and close, spring and close.
(In it, we're told, the body of a jackdaw left its feet
thirty metres from its head, which nonetheless 
turned to address them: '.....only half of us can make it
over the wire, half in the world, half out,
though the pale gas of morning rises on either side.') 
Think of it: a contraption of blades coiled
along the top of the towering fence erected between
six hundred young men and their birthright. 
One side of it thrives all the indices
of hunger, the other the many sorts of worldly apple.


Full details of the 2012/13 Book & Pamphlet Competition here.

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