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The New Poets Prize is so much more than just a prize. Winning has given me vital insight into what it takes to write, collect and put together an extended collection of my own poems. As a young writer, working with professional editors, with a marketing team, with a production team, has proved a rare and special gift, as well as an Arvon course and publication in The North. But above all the New Poets Prize is a nurturing process which will set you on your way. – Joe Carrick-Varty, winner in the 2018/19 New Poets Prize for his collection 'Somewhere Far'.


Winning the New Poets prize has been such a great thing for me. As well as the obvious benefits - pamphlet publication, the brilliant prize of an Arvon course - I feel like it has really opened the door to the next stage of my development as a writer, and I'm excited to see where, with the support of the Poetry Business, it will take me. – Lizzi Hawkins, winner in the 2016/17 New Poets Prize for her collection 'Osteology'.


The New Poets Prize came at the right time for me - providing me with a critical opportunity to think about how my poems could fit together in a pamphlet, and also giving me the opportunity to receive much-needed feedback from some of the best poetry teachers in the country - both essential processes for any young poet. – Theophilus Kwek, winner in the 2015/16 New Poets Prize for his collection 'The First Five Storms'.


Winning the New Poets Prize has opened a magic-box of opportunities: an Arvon course, publication, and wonderful editing sessions. But, most importantly, it has brought lots of Promising Things into sight for the future - whatever happens over the next few years, I know the Poetry Business will be there to support me. – Imogen Cassels, winner in the 2015/16 New Poets Prize for her collection 'The Fire Manifesto'. 


Since winning the New Poets Prize, The Poetry Business has offered me invaluable support including workshops, editorial help and opportunities to perform. I highly recommend entering to any young poet in need of guidance. – Phoebe Stuckes, winner in the 2015/16 New Poets Prize for her collection 'Gin and Tonic'.


Being a winner of the New Poets Prize has been a brilliant experience. As a result I've written a feature for The North, been to several workshops and editorial sessions, as well as given readings in venues like The Poetry Library. The support you receive from the Poetry Business afterwards is invaluable. – Jenny Danes, winner in the 2015/16 New Poets Prize for her collection 'Gaps'.



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