Some frequently asked questions about the New Poets Prize...


The poems in my collection have all been published individually in magazines, but have never appeared together as a collection. Are they eligible?

Yes, that's fine. And if you're a winner, the individual magazines will all be acknowledged on the copyright page of your winning pamphlet.


My collection has been published previously, but it was by a vanity publisher. Is it eligible?

Unfortunately not, no. The collection itself has to be entirely original.


Does the collection need to be bound / presented in an expensive folder?

No, not at all. Some people send their work held together with a clip, others use a standard plastic wallet, some use a folder and occasionally people just drop the loose pages in an envelope. This last method means our administrator has to find a paperclip before the work can be passed on to the readers, but essentially it's up to you how the work is presented.


Can I put more than one short poem on a single page (thereby bringing the total number of poems up to more than 12)?

Yes, that's fine. The only condition in terms of length is that the overall collection is no more than 12 pages in total. the number of poems is up to you.


Can I include extra pages with a contents, a cover, etc...?

Yes you can. We ask that there are no more than 12 pages of poems, but you can include extra pages if you


I live overseas–can I still enter?

You certainly can! We're always really pleased to see how many of our entries come from overseas. The poems do have to be in the English language, but you certainly don't need to be based in the UK or Europe to enter.





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