Natalie Burdett

Natalie Burdett

Natalie Burdett has been selected by Carol Ann Duffy as a Laureate's Choice Poet for 2018. 


Natalie Burdett is from the West Midlands, and divides her time between there and the North West. She is currently studying for a Creative Writing PhD. Her poems have been published in anthologies including A New Manchester Alphabet and The Emma Press’ This is Not Your Final Form, in magazines including Ink Sweat & Tears and Under the Radar, plus shortlisted for The London Magazine and Bridport Prizes.



'Clear-eyed history poems, heartfelt family poems and keenly observed cityscapes – whatever Natalie Burdett turns her hand to is outstanding.' – Carol Ann Duffy


'When Natalie Burdett turns the brilliance of her attention on something – and it could be anything, from the wall of an old warehouse to a school blazer – she makes the reader see it with clarity and immediacy, and recognise it as if for the very first time.'  Jean Sprackland



by Natalie Burdett


you’re blossoming new curves. A soft glow skims

them, ribbons out across your city roofs

from Selfridges’ bright aluminium discs,

to flick around the library’s gold hoops.


At night a silvery, fluorescent sheen

accentuates your skyline’s harder-edged

old towers. Polished steel hurls well-built beams

of light which flash back from wet tarmac beds.


Inside the markets humans claim a space.

Chermoula chicken couscous in deep bowls

steams up the glass; revives, illuminates

the dust-grey faces, highlights natural tones.


Outside, down low where nothing shines at all,

a sycamore seed sprouts against a wall.

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