Mandy Sutter

Mandy Sutter is a poet whose poems have been published in The North, Stand and The Rialto amongst other magazines, and on BBC Radio. Game was published by Smith/Doorstop Books in 1995.


She also writes fiction, and her short stories have been published by Tindal Street Press, Mslexia and others. Her novel Stretching It was published by Indigo Dreams in 2013.


Mandy Sutter's poems have been published in The North, Stand, The Rialto and many other magazines and on BBC Radio 4. Game was published by Smith/Doorstop Books in 1995.

In 2013 her novel Stretching was published by Indigo Dreams and in 2017 her short story collection Bushmeat was published by New Welsh Rarebyte following its title story winning top prize at the 2016 New Welsh Writing Awards.

Booker-shortlisted Alison Moore called Mandy's writing 'Atmospheric... wonderfully unexpected... disquieting, touching and darkly humorous.'

She lives in sight of Ilkley Moor with her partner and a large black dog called Fable.


I know what it’s like to be the shy plain one
I know being in love is easy; loving someone is hard
I know happiness is something no-one else can give you
I know what’s happening the other side of the world just by picking up a newspaper. 

I know sometimes it’s easier to do what other people want
I know the telephone makes it possible to lie
I know you can’t change other people; only yourself, and that takes time
I know a missed opportunity may not come again. 

I know treading on the cracks in the pavement may be foolish
I know a lot of people superficially; few well
I know everyone has a good word for the park-keeper’s assistant
I know dieting doesn’t work; makes you fatter. 

I know you should never pick fruit for wine when it’s raining
I know the dangers of smoking, but I still do it
I know you have to make allowances for some people
I know yesterday only seems safe because we know what came after. 

I know when you’re young, it all seems possible
I know when holidays arrive, one is often too tired to enjoy them
I know living with others is about compromise
I know the more a dog barks, the less likely he is to bite. 

I know most people are fearful of change
I know there’s no such thing as a perfect stranger
I know when you’re ill, it seems everything is ending, has ended
I know I still miss you, especially on Bank Holidays.


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