Keith Hutson

Keith Hutson

Keith Hutson has written for Coronation Street and many well-known comedians. His poetry has been widely-published in journals including The North, The Rialto, Stand, Magma, Agenda and Poetry Salzburg Review (where he is now a member of the editorial board). His debut pamphlet, Routines, was published in 2016 by Poetry Salzburg. Keith is currently completing a part-time MA (Poetry) at Manchester Metropolitan University. He delivers poetry and performance workshops for the Square Chapel Theatre and Children And The Arts.

In Hutson’s poetry, humour lifts the veil on our prejudices and hypocrisies. He brings glorious, subversive entertainment back to life in these wonderful poems. – William Bedford

Glasgow Empire

by Keith Hutson


Yes, it was here the gang show audience

slow-handclapped that girl guide

with laryngitis;


the Beverley Sisters flitted on

then promptly darted off again

to cries of Christ, there’s three of ‘em!


Where else would Eartha Kitt

be forced back out, Ken Dodd

having cut his act in half?


After Des O’Connor fainted

from derision, dragged to safety,

seventy ice creams were counted on his suit.


Even when empty, anger

occupied this auditorium. It bloomed,

silent and black: a storm building to break


above row upon row of folded seats,

all rigid as a nervous herd

before it bolts.

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