Jeanette Hattersley

Jeanette Hattersley

Jeanette Hattersley was born in Sheffield and now lives in Huddersfield. She is married to Geoff Hattersley and co-edited The Wide Skirt with him between 1992 and 1997.

Her poems have appeared widely in magazines and anthologies and in two Smith Doorstop collections, Call It Mature (1988) and Time of Her Life (1993).


'Time of Her Life by Jeanette Hattersley is a slim, pink volume full of marvellous poems that leap from the page and surprise you… A wonderful book which I shall go on reading and re-reading.' — Jenny Lewis, Iron


'She’s a plain-talking city girl and wouldn’t have it any other way.' — Jackie Wills


the diary says, open on the northbound train,
leaving London’s closed curtains, the hoardings full
of Legs in Lycra, stretching across terrace-ends.

I search for tea. Corridors of open papers
rustle and fingers fumble among the love-nests,
the love-children, the politicians leaving clubs

for waiting cameras, the ruched dresses of football
managers’ straying wives, the sizzling chip-shop
owners’ saucy tales of customers. So much print

sold all along the line, so many dirty hands
and dirty jokes, so many people craving baths
when we pull into Leeds; a welcome-sign, a map
of hilly England like a crumpled eiderdown.




My head is an attic when I shut my eyes
of wings whirring. I would rather be
exotic among purple jungle-flowers

or heading for a poster’s orange sky.
Anything but this. When you walk away
you do not free me. The afternoon goes,

I leave the cooling park for the city,
the sky swirls with the tea-leaf specks of birds,
the trees are full of complaining.

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