Jane Aspinall

Jane Aspinall grew up in Liverpool and was a first stage winner in the 2009 /10 Poetry Business Competition.  Andrew Motion described her work as ‘managing to pull off the difficult trick of being at once valiant and vulnerable’.   Her poem ‘Tambourine’ took second place at the Academi Cardiff International Poetry Competition in 2010 and since then Jane has run several half marathons, studied for an MA in Screenwriting and continues to read and write poetry.




Winner of the 2009/10 International Book & Pamphlet Competition


'Bravely-written poems which, as they cover their wide range of subjects, manage to pull off the difficult trick of sounding at once valiant and vulnerable.'Andrew Motion


Just as autumn gave way to winter
As the leaves fell open and lifted
Like momentary magic carpets,
Along the lines of hedges and verges
Past closed gates and badly fenced fields
Over pavements and cinder paths we ran
Weightless, the pea in the whistle,
Under sky and street lights and always
The night air hovered like a promise
And left its metal on our lips. 

We ran though nobody came or went
And the trees and the night birds made no comment
And the only sound was our feet in the road
That seemed to make the earth move.
Indoors people ate, checked their mail
flicked channels, made love or slept
And all the while you were with me
Counting out rhythm on the hills.

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