The Sheffield Poetry Prize 2012

The Sheffield Poetry Prize 2012 (sponsored by The University of Sheffield) goes to Julie Mellor for 'A Pint for the Landlord'.

This poem will appear in North 50 (April 2013) and on this page, and the poet will receive £100 and be invited to read at our competition winners' reading.

Karl Riordan's poem 'The Dabbity' came in second place, and Marion New's 'Greenmoor' was third.




There should be a pint for the landlord,
no matter that he’s been dead three years.
There should be a clean shirt, one that has all
its buttons. There should be a belt on his jeans.

There should be a barber to trim his sideburns
and if there’s a doctor, let it be one that gives him
more than six months. There should be a wife
who stays, kids who don’t disown him, sheets

on the bed to hide the stains. There should be
a friend with a key, so when it happens,
as it will, as it did, there should be someone
to find him, not leave him five days. 

— Julie Mellor (2012)



The University of Sheffield

The Sheffield Poetry Prize is sponsored by The University of Sheffield.

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