The Sheffield Prize 2008

Dave Sheasby's poem 'Last' was chosen by Michael Longley as the best single poem from a Sheffield entrant in the 2008 competition.

The poem is printed below, and was published in North 43.



This man on the train
Was talking about some crem job
For an auntie and how the vicar took it all over
Like it was routine which of course it was
And how he would ditch all that or love to any way
And just have everybody stand there listening
To the sound of the wind and rain on window pane
Like he remembered as a child at home or
As a man in hotel bedrooms sometimes
And as we pulled into Stoke how it was the only tune
He wanted to hear when it came to his turn
Even though of course he wouldn't
And the joke got him laughing onto the platform
Leaving us listening to the diesel ticking over
Wondering about our own final soundtracks.

’Dave Sheasby


Second place in the category was Monica Riley's 'Day Walk, Evening Walk'.

Third place was Louise Wilford's 'Walking Round Elsecar Reservoir'.

The poets shortlisted for the Sheffield Prize are as follows:


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