The Yorkshire Poetry Prize 2013

The Yorkshire Poetry Prize 2013 (sponsored by The University of Sheffield) goes to Stuart Pickford for 'Moon'.

This poem will appear in The North 52 and on this page, and the poet will receive £100 and be invited to read at our competition winners' reading.

2nd prize was awarded to Julie Mellor for 'Great Aunt Lucy'; and 3rd to Rosie Blagg for 'Piano'. 




For Show and Tell, Jack’s doing

Native American moons.  We exhaust

the internet, then tog up to look at it,

me wondering why I wasn’t surprised

the moon was once part of the earth.


Tonight it’s not the strawberry moon

but the wolf. Through binoculars

there’s its skull, the line of the snout,

the grey eye socket. In the dark

its cry would appear like our white breath.


Another American story of the moon

is Apollo’s, I say:  Buzz Aldrin,

stars and stripes stuck in the dust,

bunny-hopping footprints, lost

golf balls in the Sea of Tranquility.


Jack stares as he listens about

Michael Collins who remained alone

on the mother ship that slipped behind

the dark side of the moon, the furthest

anyone had ever been from earth.


Jack passes the binoculars. One

of our stories will be the two of us:

the dead rock locked in its orbit,

its light crossing the ice to reach us,

Jack pressing in against the cold.


– Stuart Pickford (2013)

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