Anna Fissler

Anna Fissler

I Have No Mask was published by Smith/Doorstop in 1993.


I am here.
Full-grown, full-lipped, alive, pulsating.
My breath, hot, violent,
catches in my throat.
I see my face in the surgeon’s eyes.
It does not betray me.
I am grateful that he does not look away.
I need to fix my gaze on him, his eyes.
I want to laugh, moan, turn away,
but his eyes transfix me,
reinforce his words,
show me there is no mistake.
She squeezes my hand, the nurse,
holds it cupped in her own hands.
It is cold,
limp, strangely innocent in her healthy fingers.
I am dulled suddenly, changed.
The world is all at once tighter.


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  I Have No Mask
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