Awards & Prizes

S = Shortlisted  
L = Longlisted 
HC = Highly Commended
2nd = Second Place 



Michael Hartnett Award - John McAuliffe, The Way In (Gallery Press)

New Welsh Writing Awards - Mandy Sutter [S]

The Kent & Sussex Poetry Prize - Susan Utting, Room One

Gladstone’s Library Writer in Residence programme - Rebecca Farmer, Not Really

Bridport Prize - Emma Danes [S]

Anne Born Prize (Poetry Society) - Emma Danes [HC] 

National Poetry Competition - Rosie Shepperd [L]

Ledbury Poetry Competition - Rosie Shepperd, Break 

National Poetry Competition - David Tait [L]


Ambit Flash Fiction Competition - Mandy Sutter [2nd]

Plough Prize - Paul Stephenson [L] 

Anne Born Prize (Poetry Society) - Paul Stephenson [HC]

Wells Festival of Literature Poetry Competition 2015 – Paul Stephenson [S]

Bridport Prize –  Paul Stephenson [S]

Hippocratic Poetry Competition - Simon Currie, Tension Pneumothorax [HC]

Bridport Prize - Julia Deakin, How can I tell if the bluebells in my garden are Spanish

Troubadour international Poetry prize - Julia Deakin [S]

Plough Prize - Julia deakin [HC]

T.S. Eliot prize - Tim Liardet [S]

Forward single poem award - Maura Dooley, Cleaning jim dines heart [S]

Magma Poetry Competition - Pam Thompson, Postcards from Belfast 

Forward Prize - Pam Thompson, Postcards from Belfast [HC] 

Mslexia competition- Pam Thompson, An Umbrella for Georgia O'Keeffe 

McLellan Poetry Prize - Susan Utting, Self-Portrait as a Ticked Box

Sentinel Literary Quarterly Prize for Poetry - Andrea Holland, Svay Pak Mathematics

Ted Hughes Award (book colaboration) - Chris Beckett, Matushima [S]

The Frogmore Papers - Julie Mellor [D]

Mslexia - Julie Mellor

Havant Literature Festival - Julie Mellor

Charles Causley Prize - Niel Farrel

Yorkshire Poetry Prize - Ann Pilling, Breasts 

The Bridport Prize - Ann Pilling, Practicing

Not the T. S. Eliots - David Tait, Three Dragon Day

Polari First Book Award - David Tait, Self-Portrait with the Happiness

Gurnsey On the Buses competition - Carole Bromley, Hayburn Wyke 

Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine - Carole Bromley, On hearing for the first time [3rd], 

Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine  - Mum’s Foot [HC] 

Bridport Prize - Carole Bromley, Ringo Starr Stood Up at Leicester Forest East [S]

Manchester Cathedral Poetry Competition - Jenny King, Anonymous [HC] 

The Caterpillar competition - Carole Bromley, Hansel and Gretel [HC]

Watermarks competition - Carole Bromley, All the pubs where we used to meet are sinking [2nd]

Poetry News competition - Carole Bromley, Eternity 

The Interpreter’s House competition - Carole Bromley, Emporium [HC] 



Aldeburgh First Collection Prize - David Tait, Self Portrait With the Happiness [S]

Poetry Prize for First Collection from the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry - Paula Cunningham, Heimlich's Manoeuvre [S]

Shine / Strong Poetry Award 2014 - Paula Cunningham, Heimlich's Manoeuvre [S]

Gregory O'Donoghue Poetry Prize — Paula Cunningham [2nd]

National Poetry competition - Paul Stephenson [L]



The National Poetry Competition — Sally Goldsmith, 'Thaw' [HC]

Barnet Open Poetry Competition — Julie Mellor

Yorkshire Open Poetry Competition ('Best Yorkshire Poem') — Julie Mellor

Yorkshire Open Poetry Competition — Nell Farrell [2nd]

Lakeland Book of the Year — Kim Moore, If We Could Speak Like Wolves [S]

New Writing North: Northern Writers' Awards — Suzannah Evans 

Cardiff International Poetry Prize — Rosie Shepperd [2nd]

Ballymaloe International Poetry Competition — Paula Cunningham [3rd]

Forward Prize for Poetry (Best Poem) — Rosie Shepperd [S]

Poetry Book Society Pamphlet Choice — Mimi Khalvati, Earthshine

Fenton Aldeburgh Best First Collection Prize — Paula Cunningham, Heimlich's Manoeuvre [S]

Michael Marks Award for Poetry Pamphlets — Kim Lasky, Petrol, Cyan, Electric [S]

Michael Marks Award for Poetry Pamphlets — Kim Moore, If We Could Speak Like Wolves [S]



The National Poetry Competition — Allison McVety, To The Lighthouse

Michael Marks Award for Poetry Pamphlets — Paul Bentley, Largo [S]

Michael Marks Award for Poetry Pamphlets —Maitreyabandhu, The Bond [S]

Michael Marks Award for Poetry Publishers — Smith/Doorstop Books

The Rialto Nature Competition (judged by Andrew Motion) — Carole Bromley [L]

The Rialto Nature Competition (judged by Andrew Motion) — Sally Goldsmith [L]

The Forward Book of Poetry 2013 — includes two poems from North 48

Troubadour International Poetry Prize — Kim Moore [HC]

Troubadour International Poetry Prize — Mike Barlow [HC]

The Independent's Books of the Year (2012) — Kim Moore, If we Could Speak Like Wolves



'Forward Poems of the Decade' anthology — includes four poems by Smith/Doorstop poets

Forward Prize for Poetry (Best Poem) — Ed Reiss, 'Ka'aba', Your Sort [HC]

Forward Prize for Poetry (Best Poem) — Jean Sprackland, Sheperdess and Swain (The North, 46) [HC] 

Poetry Book Society Translation Choice — Yvonne Green, After Semyon Izrailevich Lipkin

Michael Marks Award — Simon Armitage, The Motorway Service Station as a Destination in its Own Right [S]

Poetry Book Society Pamphlet Choice — Christy Ducker, Armour

Aldeburgh/Jerwood First Collection Prize — Ed Reiss, Your Sort [S]



Troubadour Poetry Prize — Allison McVety [S]

Troubadour Poetry Prize — Paul Mills [S]



Cardiff International Poetry Competition — Jane Routh, The Gift of Boats


MMU Poetry Prize — Allison McVety [S]

Forward Prize for Poetry (Best Collection) — Catherine Smith, Lip [S]

Forward Prize for Poetry (Best First Collection) — Allison McVety, The Night Trotsky Came to Stay [S]

Forward Prize for Poetry (Best Poem) — [S]


Forward Prize for Poetry (Best Poem) — [S]


O.B.E. for services to poetry — Michael Schmidt

Poetry Book Society Recommendation — Jane Routh, Teach Yourself Mapmaking



Forward Prize for Poetry (Best Poem) — Paul Farley, Liverpool Disappears for a Billionth of a Second (The North, 35)

Children's Poetry Bookshelf Choice — Gerard Benson, Omba Bolomba

Aldeburgh/Jerwood First Collection Prize — Mike Barlow, Living on the Difference [S]



Poetry Book Society Pamphlet Choice — Tim Dooley, Tenderness

Aldeburgh/Jerwood First Collection Prize — Catherine Smith, The Butcher's Hands [S]



Forward Prize for Poetry (Best Poem) — [S]

Poetry Book Society Pamphlet Choice, the first to be awarded — Daljit Nagra, Oh My Rub!

Aldeburgh/Jerwood First Collection Prize — [S]

Poetry Book Society Recommendation — Catherine Smith, The Butcher's Hands

Forward Prize for Poetry (Best First Collection) — Jane Routh, Circumnavigation [S]



Poetry Book Society Recommendation — Diana Syder, Maxwell's Rainbow

Forward Prize for Poetry (Best First Collection) — Catherine Smith, The New Bride [S]



Forward Prize for Poetry (Best First Collection) — [S]



Poetry Book Society Recommendation — Dennis Casling, Endorphin Angels



T S Eliot Prize — Michael Laskey, The Tightrope Wedding [S]

Aldeburgh/Jerwood First Collection Prize — Cliff Yates, Henry's Clock

Poetry Book Society Recommendation — Michael Laskey, The Tightrope Wedding

Forward Prize for Poetry (Best First Collection) — [S]



Poetry Book Society Recommendation — Dorothy Nimmo, The Children's Game



Poetry Book Society Special Commendation — Michael Schmidt, Selected Poems 1972-1997

Forward Prize for Poetry (Best First Collection) — Jane Draycott, No Theatre [S]



Forward Prize for Poetry (Best Poem) — [S]


Rebecca Farmer: In 2016 was one of the four winners of the Gladstone’s Library Writer in Residence programme. This was awarded for pamphlet Not Really.

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